So who wants to go see Living for 32, complete with the Brady Campaign’s Colin Goddard?

On September 14th, North Carolinians against Gun Violence is hosting another screening of Colin Goddard’s “documentary” about the Virginia Tech shooting.
I went to the last screening of that video in Durham. Colin wasn’t present there, but I’d like to ask him a few questions. Starting with, “Colin, why are you afraid of me?” Considering he is working hard to make sure that I will never get permission from the State to carry on a college campus, I think that it is fair to say that he’s scared of me. Considering that he is teaming up with an organization that is trying to make sure that I will not be able to carry my pistol into a restaurant that serves alcohol, he must be scared of me. If he wasn’t scared of me then he wouldn’t care if I carried a gun.

Anyone from the RDU area want to come with me? We will be polite, but we will make our position known.


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