Another felon cuts his monitor and runs

Once again we run into the problem that North Carolina requires bail be offered in all non-capital cases.
A long criminal record is right. Take a look at his official “transcripts”
There are two problems here.
First off, there is too long a delay between being charged with a crime and being tried for that crime. What’s the use of punishment if it starts a year (and several more crimes) after the original crime was committed? 
Secondly, not enough crimes are “capital” crimes in North Carolina. 
I have a proposal. They used to hang people for stealing horses. Let’s bring that back. Anyone convicted of a crime equal or more serious than horse theft gets hung by the neck until dead. This limits the sort of person who can get bail, plus it eliminates a large number of criminals from the pool of possible recidivists.
Either that or we could shorten the time between charge and trial. Either way works for me.

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