October 22nd Blogmeet and shooting class

I have decided to open up the blogmeet and shooting class to readers. We are going to TigerSwan, near Fayetteville, and taking their 8 hour Intro to Pistol class.

The class is suitable for beginners, but unless you are a pro, you will learn and get better in this class. Costs are $210 for the class, plus $10 for food, PayPal fees, and drinks. I’ll be bringing some good Franklin County pork for lunch, along with some Gatorade and water.
Class requirements are a pistol, 5 mags, holster, 2 mag carriers, a sturdy belt, and 500 rounds of ammo for your pistol. Don’t have your own pistol? For $130 they will supply you with a Glock 17, 500 rounds of 9mm, plus holster, mags, and carriers. Just bring yourself and a sturdy belt.
After class we will return to Garner to have dinner (open carry if you like) at the Golden Corral. I still have 4 or 5 spots open in the class. Email me if you are interested.

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3 responses to “October 22nd Blogmeet and shooting class

  1. Gotta do something like this after the new year so we can join in!

  2. Tigerswan? Pretty awesome. I’ve heard nothing but glowing reports about them.

  3. @Tam: I actually heard about TigerSwan via your blog. You linked to a story about them. I called a buddy who was in the unit that they claimed to be part of and he vouched for them, so I took their Intro class. I think it was so good that I’m taking it again and this time bringing friends.

    Want to come?