Why do you carry a gun in your own home, are you paranoid?

Why would anyone want to carry a gun inside their own home? Isn’t an irrational fear that bad people will get you a sign of paranoia?

Luckily the neighbor wandered over and scared them off before they decided to eliminate the witnesses.
Carry your gun. It’s a lighter burden than regret.
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4 responses to “Why do you carry a gun in your own home, are you paranoid?

  1. I see by some of the comments that I must be a coward. After dark, I always go to the door armed. We live in a nice neighborhood and yet just a couple blocks away the goblins are in charge. We have a apartment complex a few blocks away that had over 400 police calls in a year. A home invasion just 2 blocks away make you think about those things up close and personal.

  2. I carry at home, too. If I’m awake it’s on my belt, if I’m asleep it’s on my headboard.
    But then again (according to the anti’s) I’m a cowardly paranoid lunatic, so there is that.

  3. There’s an old story:

    A guy goes in to the psychiatrist, says “Doc I’ve got problems.”
    Doc asks what kind
    “Don’t know what kind. But I’ve got problems.”
    Doctor thinks for a second and pulls out a piece of paper and draws two Xs on it.
    “What’s that?”
    “That’s two people having sex.”
    Doctor draws two smaller Xs on another piece of paper.
    “That’s two dogs having sex.”
    Doctor draws two very small Xs
    “That’s two ants having sex.”
    Doctor says, “I see what your problem is, you are obsessed about sex.”
    Man retorts, “Me obsessed? You’re the one drawing the dirty pictures!”

    Ever wonder if that’s the real problem? They are obsessed about violence and fear, and we are drawing the scary pictures.

  4. I believe it was Kathy Jackson who originally put to words the following concept. I don’t carry a gun in my home. I don’t carry a gun to the grocery store. I don’t carry a gun to church. I just carry a gun.

    If I’m wearing pants (I know that’s hard for Robb Allen, but bear with me), then I’m carrying a gun. That’s it.