ProTip: Have a better cover story

Note to self, if I ever steal a goat, work up a better cover story.
I have to say, to a pair of pre-teen girls, a goat is probably a cute and cuddly animal. And I imagine any goat would agree that living with two preteen girls who love you enough to steal you from the Sibley Park Zoo has to be preferable to living behind bars with the other stinky animals.
But they needed a better cover story for the cops. I don’t think he bought the story they tried.

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2 responses to “ProTip: Have a better cover story

  1. “Girls! Clean up this room! It smells like a damn barn in here!”

  2. I don’t know if anyone’s read “The Old Man and the Boy”. I’m thinking specifically of the chapter where The Boy starts agitating for a horse of his own, and The Old Man suggests he start off with a goat…

    …well, anyway, letting the girls keep the goat probably would have been sufficient punishment.