NorthCoast II wrap up

I got a chance to go to NorthCoast II Blogger shoot this weekend. Until Alan decided to fly in from Texas, I was the person who traveled furthest. Luckily for me, my parents live near Erie, PA, so I was able to visit them and drive the 2 hours each way to NCII. Total weekend mileage 2,100. It was eleven hours on Friday, eleven hours on Monday, and two hours each way, each day on Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 30 hours of driving. It was worth it. Our hosts were fantastic. The food was good. The shooting was excellent. They even provided us a car on Sunday to shoot up.
I finally got a chance to try out my Liberty Training Rifle. I picked it up at the gunsmith’s on Thursday. I couldn’t get the factory front sight off without bending the barrel, so I had a gunsmith do it for me. He also installed the Uncle Mike’s sling swivels. Aside from that, I did all the parts installation.
This rifle rocks. Old NFO showed me how to use a sling, and I spent Saturday shooting off a rickety folding table and shooting minute of milk jug at 75 yards. It was pretty cool to shoot the milk jug, realize that I had punched a hole at the top, so I finished the jug off with multiple shots to the bottom of the jug. Each hit caused the water to jump up in the jug. I can’t wait to see how much better I shoot once the Appleseed guys show me how to do it correctly.
On Sunday I hauled it out again. It was actually pistol day, but I brought my father along that day and wanted him to see my new rifle. We were both able to shoot offhand (standing) at 25 yards and easily hit 4 inch circles. I think that they were plastic tops for cans. Whatever they were, it was an easy shot. There were lots of 5 gallon water jugs too. I would shoot them until all the water leaked out and then start shooting at the plastic cap on top to either blow the entire cap and spout off, or tip the bottle over. Those sights make all the difference. I can’t wait until rabbit season.
I’ll get a photo of the completed rifle as soon as I have a chance.

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