What do you do when your rights are violated by a cop?

How strange. He almost sounds like a firearms rights advocate. Or my dad.
What’s really strange is that he’s talking about bicycles. Two guys were out riding their bikes and got harassed, tasered, and beat down by a cop who thought bikes should stay off the road.
RTWT. It will remind you that we aren’t alone in this problem.

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3 responses to “What do you do when your rights are violated by a cop?

  1. Penn and Teller made an interesting rebuttal about the “Just Call The Cops” argument.

    What if the problem you’re having is WITH the cops.

    This isn’t quite there yet, but this is how it starts.

  2. Weer’d is right… And I don’t know that there IS a good answer.

  3. You don’t win arguements with the cops on the side of the road.
    You win arguements in courtrooms with lawyers. That’s why they call it presenting arguements.
    But when the courts are complicit…I don’t know what you do at that point.