Who shoots at cops? (*Video*)

You couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop. And that’s probably a good thing. With all the crap they have to deal with I’d end up being one of those “shoot first, sift the remains for positive ID later” sort of cops. Stuff like this police chase Wayne County.
And who exactly was responsible?

So we have a multiple felon fugitive with a gun. How’s that gun control working for you?
I’d have transported him to the hospital too. The trouble is I’d have a hard time deciding if I was going to transport him slowly on a broken skateboard after I’d had a long lunch, or if I would rush him to the hospital by tying his leg to the bumper of my police cruiser and dragging him.
I just don’t have the sort of compassion necessary to be an effective cop.
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One response to “Who shoots at cops? (*Video*)

  1. I wouldn’t be a good cop, either, I’d be one of those you would see on the six o’clock news.
    I’m better with machines.