How I spent my Saturday

Recognize the rifle?

This is the “Alaska Hunter” rifle built by Bob at Templar Consulting.
I got to spend a few hours with Bob at his shop. Bob (a different Bob) from Bob’s Gun Counter and Confederate Yankee pointed out that Bob from Templar Consulting was selling AR lowers for $65. I got two lowers, sequentially numbered. Bob also showed me the original “Alaska Hunter” rifle. This is the actual rifle that we supposed to be given to Sarah Palin. For whatever reason Sarah has decided not to accept the rifle and it has been returned to him. Bob plans on auctioning it off, proceeds to benefit some worthy cause. I’ll let you know when he sets up the auction.
While I was there, Bob showed me a few things that he’s building, and a few ideas that he’s working on. I think I will be spending a bit of time with him at his shop learning a bit more about AR building and machining.
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One response to “How I spent my Saturday

  1. Sweet! Sounds like a good time