Sean starts a new big push

You may have noticed today that I have posted a story, “Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise.” Several other gun bloggers have used the meme to point out that even countries that have strict gun control, criminals get guns and use them. The gun grabbers like to pretend that our crime rates will fall if we suddenly decide to disarm ourselves, but the facts don’t seem to bear this out.
I spent some time last night reading through some foreign newspapers looking for gun crimes. I had no idea how common gun crimes were in England, Ireland, and Australia. I would get the occasional machine gun crime from England in my Google Alert for “Machine Gun,” and I’d post that. But I’d never done a more thorough search for gun crime overseas. I have lined up a new post in the category Meanwhile in X Paradise every day for the rest of the week. They are that common.
Here’s where you can help. My other “meme” category Felons Behaving Badly is limited to North Carolina since the only state I can get reliable criminal record info is here in NC. You really can’t send me stories for that category. However, you can send me Meanwhile in X Paradise stories. Keep your ear out for gun crimes in countries that have strict gun control, and send me a link. Any credible English language news source will work, and if you have a link to news video, that’s even better. I’ll post the stories the same way Weer’d posts “Gun Death” stories and JayG posts Dead Goblin Count ones.
Think of this as a coordinated attack. We know that what the gun grabbers say they want is not really what will happen. They claim we will be safer, and crime will go down. We know that guns aren’t the only thing that can be used to kill. We know that in the hands of a citizen, crime can be stopped. Now let’s point out that just because they have taken the guns from the citizens doesn’t mean that the criminals won’t have them.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. In the land of disarmed citizens, the criminal with the gun is a tyrant.
The various “Paradises” discovered so far
Sarah Brady Paradise – United Kingdom
Rebecca Peters Paradise – Australia
Dermot Ahern Paradise – Ireland
Wendy Cukier Paradise – Canada
Michael Manley Paradise – Jamaica
Martin Joseph Paradise – Trinidad and Tobago
OGIVA Paradise – Portugal
SweFOR Paradise – Sweden

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3 responses to “Sean starts a new big push

  1. You might hit up Stranger at about your project. He’s compiled a startlingly large amount of gun/crime related data.

  2. @ER: Thanks. It looks like he has dropped his blogspot blog, but he is available at

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