Let’s have some fun with our President

I posted earlier about two petitions that are available on Whitehouse.gov. Now there are two more. If a petition gets 150 signatures, it becomes “public” and can be seen on the site. If it gets 500 signatures the Obama Administration has to give a public statement on the subject.
We started with HR822, the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity act and moved along to Stephen at The Bluff’s “Repeal the Hughes Amendment” petition. In the comments at Snowflakes in Hell, Matthew asks, What about suppressors and SBR/SBS’s? Well wonder no more.
Here’s the list so far
Go, sign up and sign each petition. It costs you nothing, Bitter says that they can’t use the info to send you begging letters for campaign donations, and let’s face it, you’re already on whatever government list reserved for wacko gun nuts. You may as well entertain yourself by forcing the Obama Administration to issue a public statement on each of these issues.
Have some fun, live a little.

Addendum: I should point out that I only authored one of these petitions, the suppressor one. I don’t know who authored the HR822 petition, Stephen at The Bluff authored the Hughes Amendment one, and Matthew, after some encouragement, authored the SBR/SBS petition.

Update: Another good petition. Assign a special prosecutor in Fast and Furious, courtesy of Rick, in comments.

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6 responses to “Let’s have some fun with our President

  1. You just know the gov’t is watching all of us that signed. Ehh, no worse than normal.

  2. If they weren’t watching us before, I doubt they’d notice an electronic signature…

    There are already a million little points of light for the Orwellians to take interest in, from my voter registration, to my Carry permit(s) to my constant use of the NICS system to my blog, and references to myself with other blogs.

    Hell its even possible my conversations with friends via phone and email are getting sniffed.

    Either they know I’m here or they don’t. Also even if I’m on a list, there are so goddamned many of us, what are they going to do about it?

  3. I think the HR822 stands a real shot of getting 5K signatures by october 22.

    I’d love to see the WH press secretary have to respond to this.

  4. @Rick: Saw your comment on Snowflakes in Hell and signed immediately. I’m signature #2.