Meanwhile in Dermot Ahern Paradise*: “It was self-defense” edition

You know, if you are in the middle of a drug deal and you shoot an unarmed drug dealer because he’s mad you didn’t return his drug weighing scale, it’s a little tough to make the case that it was self defense.
Since guns are really tough to get, pistols even more so, in Ireland, how does gun control contribute to public safety? It’s like the only people that the government is really concerned with is the law abiding ones. The criminal will have all the guns (and apparently, drugs) that they want.
Tell me again, who exactly is disarmed by gun control?
* Dermot Ahern was the Irish Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. He was adamant that no Irish Gun Culture™ be allowed to arise. He banned all “practical” shooting like IDPA and IPSC.

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