Three weeks until the shooting class at TigerSwan

In just three weeks we will meet at the TigerSwan training center and take our Intro to Pistol class.

I have four spots still open in the class. $220 gets you a spot. Bring a pistol, 500 rounds of ammo, a holster, mags, carriers, and a sturdy belt. For $350 you get a spot in class and they will loan you a pistol and all the equipment (except the belt) and give you 500 rounds of 9mm.
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4 responses to “Three weeks until the shooting class at TigerSwan

  1. Sadly, I’m going to be OCONUS and won’t be able to make it… damn work keeps interfering with life!!!

  2. I was worried that would happen. Well, maybe next time.

  3. Not to rain on the parade, but is this class refundable in case of TEOTWAWKI?

    Just asking…

  4. @Larry: Yes, of course. Make your application in writing and mail it on Monday the 24th. Indicate that the reason for refund request is TEOTWAWKI (spell it out completely). Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.