OMG he’s shooting a MACHINE GUN!!!111eleventy!

Would it bother you if your neighbor had a machine gun and shot it in his back yard? Would it bother you even if the Sheriff went by and determined that the shooting range was “completely safe?”
Never mind that he’s lived there for 20 years, and his machine guns and shooting range was there long before the new neighbors.
What a bunch of douche bags. If you don’t like your neighbor, move. He didn’t ask you to move in. They are going to be really surprised when someone sits them down and explains the North Carolina Sport Shooting Range Protection Act to them. Maybe they will turn around and sue their lawyer for malpractice. He should have warned them that the law was on the good Doctor’s side.

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3 responses to “OMG he’s shooting a MACHINE GUN!!!111eleventy!

  1. Jeez, are they still after this guy? He needs to begin a large counter suit to stop this crap.

    This is why anti-gunners must be absolutely crushed (and so we can hear those lamentations!).

  2. Sounds like he already has all the Fed/state/county approvals he needs. Maybe “the forty” should take up a collection for a bunch of suppressors for each of his noisemakers…

  3. This neighborhood is literally 1/2 mile down the street from me. I’ll tell you the whole story at the blog shoot.

    Wesley Chapel tried to go around the range act by banning shooting in the town except for self-defense or hunting.

    The neighbors were so confident that they would win that they made a huge stink about the shooting range and how terrible it is. Now they can’t sell their houses if they wanted to.