I am now officially a Volquartsen fanboy

I finally got a chance to take my Liberty Training Rifle to the local indoor range again. Previously my rifle was mad accurate, but it would sometimes fail to fire, or fail to properly extract/eject the spend brass. I chalked the failure to fire on it being a .22LR, and cheap ammo sometimes fails to fire. The extract/eject issue was annoying.
My rifle has a few aftermarket parts in it. In fact, with the exception of the bolt, receiver, barrel and stock, it’s all aftermarket at this point. I followed the PDF instructions and added a Volquartsen trigger and bolt release when I installed the Tech Sights. Wow. I took it to NorthCoast II and everyone who shot it loved it. Well, everyone except my dad. He lives in Pennsylvania where it is illegal to hunt with a semi-auto, so he was irritated that he couldn’t have one to massacre the woodchucks around his house. He has to make do with my mom’s youth model Henry lever action.
The failures to fire and extract/eject together with the fact that I was so happy with the Volquartsen trigger led me to try Volquartsen’s Sure Strike firing pin along with their Exact Edge extractor. They were pretty easy to install. The firing pin required you to drive out a retaining pin and then put it back, and the extractor came out with a pair of needle nose pliers. It’s pretty small and it’s easier to manipulate the thing with a set of needle noses than with your fingers.
The results? I shot 100 rounds of .22LR at the range today with zero failures to fire and zero failures to extract/eject. I couldn’t be happier.

This is this month’s “EPostal” match target. I shot it standing at 25 feet. There isn’t a class for Rifle, Rimfire, Iron sights, but I thought it would be fun to submit this target. Out of 100 points possible I scored this one at 86. My other three tries were 79, 80, and 83.

This is my entry for Handgun, Centerfire, Iron sights. 76 points. The massive size of a .45 ACP means that shots which would have scored low as a .22LR cut the next ring and scored higher.
I left my 22/45 mags at home by mistake, so I didn’t get to shoot that for score. Maybe next week.  Plus I have to install my new Volquartsen trigger kit in my 22/45.
Like I said, fanboy.
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3 responses to “I am now officially a Volquartsen fanboy

  1. Good to hear. I had done some reading months back on building your own 10/22, and they seemed to be at the top of the list. It’d end up being expensive for what people normally think of as a cheap plinking rifle, but I guess you can’t argue the accuracy or the cost of ammo.

    Maybe that can be a winter project.

  2. @Pyrotek85: Here’s a link to the Liberty Training Rifle printout.


    Add the firing pin and extractor I linked above.

    It won’t be much of a project. The only hard part is getting the original sights off. I paid a gunsmith to put on the Tech Sights and to install the sling swivels. The rest will take about an hour of your time.

  3. Thanks, now all I need is a 10/22 lol