Detention Officer charged

This morning I posted about an incident where a Mecklinburg County Sheriff’s detention officer took a shot at someone who rear ended him and ran. Well it looks like they decided to charge him.
Now I wonder if I’d have got off so lightly, but at least he got charged. You can’t shoot at a fleeing person unless he poses an immediate threat to the lives of innocents.
Stolen car? That sounds like why they ran. Hopefully they will catch the hit-and-run car thieves. Their explanation should be interesting.
Here’s a thought. If you can’t be charged with failure to register a gun (in states that have gun registries) if you are a felon because that would be a violation of your 5th Amendment right against self incrimination, can you get off on a hit-and-run if your car is stolen? If you stay at the scene, the cops would catch you with a stolen car. Isn’t forcing them to stay at the scene tantamount to forcing them to confess to car theft?
And why is it that criminals always seem to get more rights than decent honest citizens?

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