If it was you or me, we’d go to jail

UPDATE: Detention Officer Charged.

Let’s say someone rear ends you and tries to drive away. Would you be legally justified in shooting at him? This isn’t an idle question. A Concealed Handgun Permit holder did just that in Charlotte.

So are NCGV and the other gun grabbers right? Does the presence of a gun lead to violence over fender benders? Well, there’s just one problem with that. This guy has a badge.
Was he handcuffed and shipped to his own county lockup for shooting at a fleeing car while he was off duty?
He might lose his job. You and I would lose our freedom, but he’s only worried that he might lose his job. Something’s wrong with that.

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One response to “If it was you or me, we’d go to jail

  1. Sean,

    As you and I have discussed this is what happens when you create a special section of the population through regulation. We see it with CC laws regarding Judges, Police and other “special citizens”. The I am the law mentality takes hold. Another case of do as I say not as I do.

    Brian Callendar