Gunwalker T-Shirts now available in PINK!

Here’s your basic Gunwalker T-Shirt, in basic black.

I’ve had ladies tell me that they would like to have a Gunwalker T-Shirt, but they want it in pink. In one famous encounter, my father saw a guy wearing this shirt at a Second Amendment rally in Pennsylvania. His wife told me father that I needed to make these shirts in pink. How can you argue with a lady, especially one who wants to buy something from you?
I have worked with the shirt printer to determine that a darker, “bubblegum” pink will work best. Too light a pink and the white lettering disappears. If you have already ordered a shirt and just HAVE to have it in pink instead of basic black, email me and I’ll change the order.
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One response to “Gunwalker T-Shirts now available in PINK!

  1. Excellent! That is a very “bitchslap” t-shirt!