Target Marketing FAIL!

Once in a great while I will get direct email about my blog. Usually though, people will just leave a comment on the post. Today’s direct email was a doozy.
Hi Sean,
 I’m writing to let you know that we posted an article, “10 Types of Kisses and What They Mean When Dating”(Link deleted). I just thought I’d share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers.
Are you freaking serious? You went to all the trouble to locate my email and get my blog name correct in the subject line, but you failed to pay attention to the fact that this is a GUN BLOG? My readers are more accustomed to reading about gun crime overseas, Felons Behaving Badly, Gunwalker T-Shirts for sale, and North Carolina gun law politics. I’m sure that they can figure out what a kiss means all by themselves, and if they can’t, reading your story isn’t really going to help them.
Fail, Fail, FAIL!
Now if you have a post about how to get all the parts back inside my brand new Ruger 22/45, I’m all ears. Stupid internet. Promises you instructions on how to install your new Volquartsen trigger and leaves you with a bag of random parts.

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3 responses to “Target Marketing FAIL!

  1. Well, it could be applicable. Maybe one of the 10 types of kisses is the “kiss of cold steel as she tells you to GTF out of her house”. Or the Brady Campaign “kiss of death”.

  2. @genedunn: I read the list. No such luck. I like your list better.

  3. Maybe you should have gotten a Saiga instead of the Ruger, my trigger conversion went pretty well. 😉