NCGV caught ignoring the actual data

Wildekarrde continues his analysis if the CDC data on suicide. We’ve already seen his data showing that suicide in general is fairly uncommon for teens. It’s much more common in adult men, especially as they get older. His latest shows that firearm suicide is less common in teens than in the general public.
Suicide by firearm is less common than suicide by suffocation (hanging) in the 0-19 age group. When looking at all age categories, suicide by firearms comprises 54% of all suicides. So despite the fact that 54% of all North Carolina suicides are by firearm, only 36% of “teen” suicide are by firearm. 46% are by suffocation.
One assumes that North Carolinians against Gun Violence will also be calling for parents to lock up their ropes, belts, bed sheets, electric cords, and neckties since suicide by hanging represents a larger percentage of suicides than by firearms.
Oh, who am I kidding? NCGV isn’t actually interested in suicide or in teens. They are just looking for another annoying way to limit our firearm rights.

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