TigerSwan Teaser

I’m just now getting home from the TigerSwan Intro Pistol blogger class. I will have a few posts about the class, but right now isn’t the time to write them. In upcoming posts I will talk about a few things.
1.       You know, 25 meters really isn’t that far with a pistol.
2.       Having a class with two Georges, two Pauls, two Seans and a John really isn’t as confusing as it sounds.
3.       A review of my Revision Sawfly eye protection. (Short review, really great!)
4.       Brian Searcy, the COO and President of TigerSwan weighs in on the Caliber Wars™
5.       The story of how a daughter outshot her former Special Forces father, and dad couldn’t be prouder.
6.       We really need to do this again.
I’ve got this all at the ready.
Look for it all over the next few days.
Here are the links to the other bloggers that attended. Visit them to hear what they thought of the class.
And a special thank you to our friends, George and Erika, Sean and Lynell who rounded out our class. All four shot well and were good company.

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