A longer review of my Revision Sawfly shooting glasses

My trip to TigerSwan on Saturday was my first opportunity to wear my Sawfly shooting glasses for an extended period of time. I have always gotten a headache from extended shooting sessions like USPSA matches and training classes. The Sawfly is designed with thin legs specifically to reduce the pain of wearing shooting glasses under earmuffs. I wore mine all day. Many of the shooters, and even the instructors, would flip up their powered earmuffs between shooting, but I found that it wasn’t necessary. I turned the volume up a bit when the instructors were teaching, and down a bit when we practiced what we had just been taught.
Another useful thing about the Sawfly shooting glasses is that they are designed to take corrective inserts. If you wear glasses, you can put an insert inside the glasses that holds your prescription corrective lenses so that you don’t have to choose between seeing effectively and having proper safety glasses.  I chose to take my inserts to LensCrafters. It was really expensive. Take my advice and just send your prescription and $99 to Revision and let them grind the lenses for you.
I spent an 8 hour day on the range with no discomfort. I could see well and my eyes were protected. I started early in the morning under overcast skies with the clear lens, and when the sun came out I switched to the tinted lens. I could see my target, and more importantly I could see my sights. These glasses worked so well for me that another shooter at the class, George at Newbie Shooter, has decided to get a pair. About a week ago I happened to show these glasses to a client who shoots and wears glasses. He’s also going to run out and buy a pair.
Me, coaching, wearing my Sawfly glasses
Highly Recommended. MSRP $120 plus $20 for the corrective insert. Spend the $99 and have Revision grind your lenses for you.
FTC disclaimer: Revision sent me these shooting glasses and the inserts free of charge so that I could review them. There was no hint that they expected a positive review. In any case, you tools at the FTC should feel free to pucker up and chap your lips on my backside.

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