More officers killed in the line of duty

We’re hearing once again that Police officers are being murdered in the line of duty. In 2009 there were 48 “felonious” deaths, and in 2010 there were 56. That’s an increase of more than 14%. That’s bad news no matter how you look at it.
Here’s what no one is telling you. Total accidental deaths in 2009 – 48. Total accidental deaths in 2010 – 72. That’s an increase of 33.3% (one third!) So all deaths among police went up, but accidental deaths went up more than double the felonious deaths.
Here’s another little tidbit.
I don’t imagine that this surprises anyone. People who attack cops are people who generally have a criminal background.
Don’t worry though, the gun grabbers will scream for more restrictions on the rights of law abiding gun owners. It won’t affect the criminals who are out murdering out police officers, but that won’t stop the anti-freedom lobby from calling to more gun restrictions.

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4 responses to “More officers killed in the line of duty

  1. It also doesn’t tell me what the change in officer population was between 2009 and 2010, which is required to draw any kind of conclusion about the increase in fatalities.
    PS: there are three kinds of untruths… lies, damn lies, and statistics
    PSS: this is what you get when you turn accountants into police officers

  2. Is that ‘under judicial supervision’ as in ‘parole officer’?

    Or something else?

  3. @genedunn: Good point. I can’t find that info. I am working on another post looking at the details.

    @karrde: It’s shorthand for “On probation or parole or actually in jail at the time.”

  4. I’ve written another post on this subject

    Short summary, this was a barely worse than average year.