No honor among drug dealers either

You would think that the excessive profits from selling drugs would be enough, but for some, the chance to make money without selling anything of value is just too good to pass up.
So these guys showed up looking to make some money selling drugs and instead decided to beat him up and just take the money.

Keep this in mind. The sorts of people who get involved in criminal activity are not the sort of people you should trust. They are already on the wrong side of the law, so what stops them from doing whatever they want to you?
I would also like to note that Suspect 1 was convicted of Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Larceny from a Person, Possession Schedule II, Hit and Run, and Resisting an Officer. He went into prison 8-5-2010 and got out 8-7-2011. One year and two days. Maybe he could have used a few more years behind bars.
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