TigerSwan Blogshoot Roundup

I thought I would give you a roundup post of all the other bloggers who attended the TigerSwan blogger shoot. We had 10 people attending, 6 bloggers and 4 friends. Here are the posts
Larry, at Last Refuge of a Scoundrel was pleased, though humbled by it all,
But he quickly rallied, and  planned his training going forward.
George, at Newbie Shooter offers his initial impressions
Then he talked about how TigerSwan stressed fundamentals
John of No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money discusses what I think is the single most important training method in shooting.
Larry learns one of the essential truths about training
George, the only one of us to have attended Gunsite compares and contrasts them in
Knitebane learned as much about teaching as he did about shooting
George offers his final report card on the experience
And John has a similar view
I couldn’t agree more.
My final evaluation is HERE

Update: A late addition from Arms are the Mark of a Free Man,
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