TigerSwan Final Evaluation

It’s been a week, and now it’s time for me to write my final evaluation of the one day Introductory Pistol class at TigerSwan.
First, some background. I have always been worried that I would spend my hard earned money, get to a shooting class, and find I had paid my money to a charlatan. If you get rooked by a crappy woodworking teacher, the worst that can happen is that you might waste some perfectly good wood while you don’t learn proper techniques. If you pick the wrong firearms instructor you could get shot because they insist on “playing by the Big Boy rules.” I resisted taking just any class, and I didn’t have the money to travel out west to take a class at Gunsite or some other really big name location. When Tam linked to TigerSwan, I saw that they had former members of the unit commonly referred to as Delta Force. Through my historical re-enactment, I just happen to know a former Delta member personally. In response to my email, he vouched for them being who they said they were, and he also said that they could teach well. That was good enough for me.
Two years ago I took the Intro pistol class and was really impressed. My shooting improved dramatically. I could shoot much further, much more accurately than I ever had before. More than that, once I got home, I could see what others were doing wrong and I started to give a little coaching to my friends and saw their sudden improvement in accuracy. It wasn’t rocket science, it was just good fundamentals.
Flash forward to the LuckyGunner machine gun shoot. During the LuckyGunner shoot we were treated to a free class by a well respected trainer. He was good; I can’t take anything away from him. But he was rushed. He didn’t have the time during that busy weekend to do more than give us a taste of what he offered in his classes. The problem, other than the time limitations, was the appalling shooting skills I saw on display. Most of the bloggers weren’t any better than me, and many were really poor shots. I just wanted to take them all to that one day pistol class I took two years prior. So I set up the blogmeet/shooting class.
The class was everything I thought it should be. Everyone improved. I proved to myself that my precision shooting hadn’t deteriorated much, even though I still have trouble with multiple shots. I have a certain satisfaction that 9 more people are running around with better shooting skills. I also know that the moment I say “Hey, let’s take a two or three day class,” I’ll have a bunch of people saving up their pennies to come along with me.
Here’s the bottom line. Get training. Go somewhere reputable. If you are close enough to come to TigerSwan, go there. They are reputable, they are good at instruction, and they are really professional. You will learn how to shoot with little in the way of fuss or fanfare. You will find out what you are really capable of, and it is so much more than you think. And it won’t break your bank. For $340, they’ll teach you the class, give you 500 rounds of ammo and loan you all the gear you need. And when you get home, you’ll shoot better than all your friends.
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