Is there some sort of homing beacon?

I walk the streets every day, but I don’t see any outward sign that the people around me might be criminals.
Maybe I hang out in the wrong places, because I don’t get into fights, much less into fights that end in death.
How do they find each other? Is this some sort of criminal gaydar? Do they have a secret handshake that only identifies them to each other so that they can murder each other?
Or is the problem that some people lack the basic decency to let little slights go? Two regular people bump each other at a party and they both apologize. A thug and a decent person bump and the decent person apologizes, and if necessary, backs off. Two thugs bump each other and they get into a fight.
The gun grabbers are probably pissed off that no one thought to use a gun. How tragic is this murder, not only did the guy die, but the gun grabbers can’t even exploit the tragedy to disarm me.

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