What a difference a day makes

A map of where my concealed carry licenses are valid,


I felt a great disturbance in the Anti-Gun force, as if 10, maybe 15 voices suddenly cried out in terror and were basically ignored.
Suddenly I have a desire to visit cheesehead central.

Make your own map HERE

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5 responses to “What a difference a day makes

  1. And you can carry there RIGHT NOW!

    Sadly I don’t think they’ve JUST STARTED the issuing process for permits there, so residents likely won’t be able to carry until December-ish if all things go well.

  2. So Illinois is now Completely Surrounded by Gun-Toting Armed Citizens,eh? You’d think the Political Elites in Springfield would get the Message and fly out to Asylum in France. But it looks like they’d rather be like a Khaddafi or Saddam, fighting to the end against the RKBA.

    Metaphorically Speaking, of course.

  3. @Bubblehead Les: I should point out that this isn’t a map of Shall Issue states, it’s a map of all the states where my concealed carry licenses are valid.

    I have a license/permit from each of the green states, NC being my home state. Oddly enough, NC is a pretty good permit for reciprocity. The only state NC doesn’t have reciprocity with that one of the other permits does is Minnesota. If I could get NC to get reciprocity with Minnesota, I could drop all my other permits.

    I will probably maintain my PA License To Carry Firearms because my parents live there and it would be nice to have the actual state license when I am there.

  4. We do have lots of wonderful cheeses.

  5. @Fred: So you are planning on hosting the next Blogmeet? I’ve never been to Wisconsin, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the place.

    Maybe you should wait until spring though, unless everyone thinks “The Cheesy Blogmeet on Ice” sounds like fun.