TigerSwan offers a compact version of their Instructor Pistol

When several bloggers, readers, and I took our Intro Pistol class in October at TigerSwan, several of us got a chance to shoot this gun.
It’s a Glock 17, the full duty sized 9mm pistol, but with some added components.
  • KKM Precision Match Barrel
  • 3.5 lb Glock Trigger Bar Connector
  • Dawson Precision Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Dawson Precision Black Front Sight
  • Vickers Extended Tactical Glock Magazine Release
  • Glock Factory Extended Slide Release
If you consider that the sights alone will run you about $105, and the barrel $165, you are already above the $760 asking price for this Glock.
There was a problem, however. I like the Glock 17, but it is a tiny bit large for concealed carry. I inquired, and Bryan Searcy has agreed to make a Glock 19 version available with all the same components for the same price. He says you can have it on a Gen 3 or a Gen 4 base, and you can have it in full size Glock 17 or compact size Glock 19.
When you consider that Brian recommended that civilians carry a 9mm with hollowpoints as their concealed carry gun, and how nice his pistol was to shoot, I can see myself getting their Glock 19 here in the near future. When we run the class again in the Spring, I think I will be shooting this gun.
TigerSwan doesn’t have their Glock 19 on their website. Contact them directly for more info. If you happen to live in the Raleigh area, they are perfectly happy to let you buy the pistol from them at their Apex corporate headquarters, saving you the trip to their Fayetteville area range and pro-shop.

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2 responses to “TigerSwan offers a compact version of their Instructor Pistol

  1. I’m curious as to the reasoning behind the adjustable sight on a CCW piece?

    I mean, SGM Searcy has obviously forgotten more about shooting pistols than I’ll ever know, but the choice of fixed sights over adjustables on a carry gun is practically spinal reflex for me…

  2. @Tam: It’s kind of funny, it was my pistol he was criticising. I have fixed Dawson sights, and at 25 meters I shoot about 2 inches low, but dead on at 10-15 meters. He explained that a combat pistol should be zeroed dead on at 25 meters. Since my sights were fixed, there isn’t anything I can do about it.

    He went on to say that when he joined The Unit Commonly Referred to as Delta Force (TUCRDF) he was told in no uncertain terms that “A combat pistol has FIXED SIGHTS!” So there he was on the range, whacking his sights with a mallet or using some funky sight adjustment tool and wasting a great deal of time trying to get his sights zeroed. You could hear the remembered frustration in his voice as he was telling us about it.

    He understood that back in the day, adjustable sights were fragile klunky affairs suitable only for bullseye shooters, but now, they are pretty robust. They are no more likely to break than any other sights, and much less likely to break than the crappy stock sights on a Glock.

    Now he can zero his pistol quickly and easily with a few shots and a small screwdriver. He considers the added cost to be a small price to pay to avoid a lot of aggravation.