I still have Gunwalker T-Shirts in stock

I still have quite a few Gunwalker T-Shirts in stock. Any orders will be shipped immediately.

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One response to “I still have Gunwalker T-Shirts in stock

  1. Many thanks for the magnificent shirts. Once I explained the background to him, my son wore his down to the beach that very weekend with his buddies – he told me that he’d gotten a number of very favorable remarks, including a couple of guys wanting to know where they could get one for themselves! I gave him the info on your blog, so you may be getting some new customers!.

    I wore mine to the downtown Farmer’s Market last weekend, drew some curious looks but no remarks or questions just yet – I intend to have it on at the next local gun show I go to, should get some commentary going there.


    Wilmington, NC

    P.S. If you’d be interested in having someone try to vend some shirts at a gun show, please let me know – we’ve got one coming up here on the 10th/11th of December, and I wouldn’t mind having a really good excuse to go to it. You can e-mail me at: bridgesjsjr(at)hotmail(dot)com , if interested.