NCGV (still grasping for relevance) puts in a hard weeks work

Have you ever wondered why we seem to be running the tables on the gun grabbers? Ohio gets restaurant carry, Wisconsin got Shall Issue Concealed Carry AND Castle Doctrine, we in NC got Castle, plus a bunch of other things in HB650. And where were the gun grabbers? You would think that coupling their free Joyce Foundation money plus their claimed widespread agreement on polls would lead to them just cleaning up at the various State capitols. Here’s why 

These three Tweets are the sum total of the output of North Carolinians against Gun Violence (NCGV), basically the only anti-gun group in North Carolina, for about a week. Look at the dates and times. They were posted within a few minutes of each other and are carbon copies of each other with different links.
NCGV has hit their twitter feed 5 times this month, three of them between 1PM and 1:15PM today. This isn’t a group that has resources, staffing, or expertise in getting their message out. They are withering on the vine. They are becoming the perfect representation of what Brian Anse Patrick called them,
Rise of the Anti-Media: In-forming America’s Concealed Weapon Carry Movement
As proof of that, you need only look as far as their 2009 Form 990EZ (PDF Warning). They started the year with cash on hand of $83,643.05, received $113,361.31 and spent $144,799.52 leaving them with cash on hand at the end of the year of $52,204.84. Their two biggest expenses are the salaries of their Executive Director, Roxane Kolar ($40,499.96) and their Assistant Director, Gail Neely ($33,759.92). Both claim a full 40 hour work week. I am having a bit of trouble reading the chicken scratch handwriting on the Page 12 worksheet, but they appear to have paid $950 on “Accounting and Tax Prep.” You’d think that for that much money they could get someone to type their tax forms up neatly instead of handing them to a 10 year old to hand write.
For those who wish to look at all the forms from previous years, click here for the list.
We have the gun grabbers on the run. They can’t come up with the money. They can’t come up with the man power, and they can’t come up with the votes. Now is the time to crush them.

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