What I did on my Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a long drive, but ultimately worth it. My wife and I spent this Thanksgiving with my mom and dad. We drove up Wednesday and we got back tonight. It’s always good to see the parents. I got a little of mom’s home cooking, which is nice. My wife can cook. If you look at my waistline, you know that my wife isn’t starving me. But there’s something special about those little things that only mom makes. I had a meatball sandwich with homemade meatballs, homemade sauce, and homemade bread. I think that the only thing that wasn’t homemade about that meal was the plate that she served it on.
While I was visiting I loaded almost 2000 rounds of .45ACP, and 100 rounds of .243 Winchester. Dad and I shared the .45ACP, but the .243WIN is all mine. I need to find a place to shoot it. Anyone in the Raleigh area have a place I can shoot at 200 yards or more without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege?

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2 responses to “What I did on my Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. It ain’t exactly Raleigh, but it might be worth the drive. I’m a member at Durham Pistol and Rifle Club which is located near Mebane. Our rifle range goes out to 300 yards. The waiting list to join is well over a year, but I’m allowed up to two guests. Hours are from 0800 to dusk M-Sat and 1000 to dusk on Sunday. During the week the place is nearly deserted, and weekdays usually work better for me, if such would work with your schedule. Otherwise a weekend could be arranged. If you’re interested, e-mail me at jwyant14 at yahoo dot com and we’ll work out a day and time that suits both of us. You met one of my range buddies and close friends at the TigerSwan class – Larry.

  2. Flatwood’s Outfitters is three hours drive from RDU, but any time you want to visit the beach or Camp Lejeune I can get you a 200 meter bench for $15 for a full day. (9-4 M-F, 12-4 Sunday) Arrive early, go out to lunch, buy more ammo, come back and shoot til closing.