The gun grabbers were right, victims generally know their killers

In Fayetteville, police have shot and captured the suspect in a triple homicide. He ran from the cops and then tried to shoot at them. They shot him and now he’s charged with the murders. The murders don’t appear to be a home invasion/robbery. They appear to be personal.
So the gun grabbers are correct, at least on this point. Victims and killers tend to know each other.
Neither of the other two murder victims appear to have convictions here in North Carolina.
The method seems particularly horrendous
The Charlotte Observer adds this gruesome detail.
So this felon, who just got out of prison in July after being in prison since 1987 got a gun and a knife and murdered three people and apparently tried to murder two more. Of the 5 victims, 3 had criminal records.
Can anyone explain to me how “just one more law” would have prevented this?
The gun grabbers like to tout the statistic that X percentage of victims know their killers. They try to pretend that this means that the victims are murdered by their own families. They try to convince you that you should be terrified of your family members, friends, and neighbors who have guns. They fail to point out to you that felons also have family, friends, and neighbors.
Lying by omission is still lying.

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2 responses to “The gun grabbers were right, victims generally know their killers

  1. Excellent point, and can’t help but wonder if this is a follow-up to something that happened in prison…

  2. @OldNFO: You do have to wonder what started it all. I figure that a person who was in jail since I was 17 years old probably isn’t the most stable person in the world. Did you look at the Victim 5? He was in jail for a long time too. Do you wonder if they knew each other?

    Stay tuned for updates. There will be more.