Update on “The gun grabbers were right” post

This morning I posted about a terrible multiple murder in Fayetteville.
Now we know a tiny bit more about the other two murder victims.

This is the photo published in this story, containing the 911 calls and the police radio recording from the incident.  Here’s the caption.
The sharp eyed among you will have noted that these photos were not produced by the staff at Glamour Shots. These are all mug shots. That means that the Victims 2 and 3, though not in the NC Department of Corrections database, at least had arrest records. Now it appears that everyone involved in this story was likely on the wrong side of the law.
To give you an idea of how depraved this crime really was, this is how it was described in another Fayetteville Observer story.
No doubt that the gun grabbers will accuse the gun of the crime instead of rightly blaming the violent felon.
And people wonder why I carry a gun.

PS.  Some of you are wondering why I redact all the names and refer to the people as (Suspect) and (Victim 1) (Victim 2) and so on. The reason for this is that I don’t want people involved in a crime to be able to find me via Google. People frequently Google their own name. I imagine that if I was involved in a self-defense shooting I would do the same to see what people were saying about it. I’ve had a person contact me after I posted a story about him. I would prefer not to have that happen again.
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