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How can you remove the barrel of a rifle and still retain your zero?

I’ve been telling people about Bob Reynolds of Templar, and his proprietary FastRail system for a while. I did a post on it showing how you could remove your AR-15 barrel clean the chamber, and replace the barrel in about 10 minutes total. My only concern has been, how well does it retain its zero?

At the Greenville blogmeet we finally got to run a test. This is the rifle we used, though we had a scope for the shooting test.
We put a target out at 200 yards and shot a three round group at it.

The odd bullet hole at the bottom was shot at a different point of aim than the three round group.
Then we removed the barrel, reinstalled it, and shot another three round group.
As you can see, the difference in point of impact is minimal.
I know it’s hard to judge scale on things like this, so here’s a photo that will make it pretty obvious how well the rifle retains its zero.
Not bad at all for 200 yards through a semi-auto fighting rifle.
Bob doesn’t sell his rails retail, so he is allowing me to be a dealer for him. You can get your own FastRail on my FastRail page.

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I want this rifle

You are looking here at my next rifle.

This rifle is the personal rifle of Bob Reynolds, of Templar. He built it last week and brought it along to the Blogmeet in Greenville. I got to shoot it and I want one. I think that the only think I might change is the stock.
This particular onehas a 16 inch barrel and is chambered in .223 Wilde (a hybrid 223 Remington/5.56 NATO) that will shoot basically every normal 223 and 5.56 ammo available. The rail is Bob’s proprietary FastRail system. This particular one is 14.5” long. It allows you to remove the barrel in about 2 minutes, and replace it just as fast. If you have spare barrels, you can change calibers, barrel lengths, or both. I will do a later post about how well it shoots, but suffice it to say that it is far more accurate than I am.
If you want your own rifle, ask Bob. He’ll build it just the way you want it. If you already have a rifle, and just want to have this really nice rail, you can buy one here.

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Blogmeet after action report

Friday I was invited by ASM826 of the blog “Random Acts of Patriotism” to his blogmeet and shoot near Greenville, NC. Along with ASM and me, Borepatch showed up and Knightbane showed up. We had various friends along.
The rifle I am holding is a full auto short barreled rifle chambered in .50 Beowulf. Here’s an action shot of me shooting it. I count 3 pieces of brass in the air, and one being ejected.
Let me assure you that the photo makes me look a whole lot more in control of the rifle than I felt.
Cartman looked worried in this photo. He had good reason.
Hopefully one of the other bloggers got a photo of Cartman after the shoot.
Thanks to ASM826 for coordinating this fantastic range trip/blogmeet.

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All the murders in Raleigh, 2010 edition

In a followup post, here are all the murders/non-negligent homicides that happened in Raleigh, NC during 2010. The reported number was 14, but I only have data on 13. I am hoping to receive the last one next week. If I do, this post will be updated.
The format will be simple. I have a policy of not naming either criminals or known criminal victims on my blog. This prevents criminals or their friends from Google searching their own name and finding me. I will post the date, a bit of a story in a local newspaper or TV station, the suspect’s Department of Corrections records, and if available, the victim’s.
15 February
(Suspect), 29, was taken to the Wake County jail. (Suspect) is accused of shooting (Victim), 23, who was taken to WakeMed and later died, according to Raleigh police.
Suspect – Suspect had no prior criminal convictions (UPDATE: Here’s his conviction record. You can see that they have no previous convictions for him)
Victim had no apparent criminal convictions
Method – Gun
6 March
Suspect – The DOC shows a felony conviction, but the charge is listed as a misdemeanor. The newspaper has this to say about him.
The victim, of course, was a member of the State Board of Education and had no prior criminal convictions.
Method – The police stated that Ms. Taft was killed by blunt force trauma to the head.
14 March
This is a strange one. In this case, the suspect and victim were friends, and were thrown out of the nightclub. When one shot at the bouncer, he shot back, killing the other. In this case, it appears to be a case a lawful self defense. Like in any crime, if someone is killed, the perpetrators are charged with the murder.
Suspect – The DOC does not show a felony criminal conviction, but the suspect was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, so draw your own conclusion.
Victim – The victim had a felony conviction for Assault With a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury plus a few misdemeanor convictions.
Method – Gun
17 April
Suspect – while only 17 at the time, the suspect had already been convicted of felony drug possession just  4 days prior to the murder. He received probation, but that was revoked. He was also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.
Victim – the victim had several felony convictions for breaking and entering and possessing stolen goods, along with a speeding to elude conviction.
Method – gun
9 May
Although 5 people were arrested for the murder, only one person was convicted of the killing. The others were convicted of Robbery with a dangerous weapon.
Suspect – The killer had previous felony convictions for breaking and entering and robbery.
Victim – The victim had a whole string of convictions, the most serious for drugs and receiving stolen vehicles
Method – Gun
16 June
Suspect – The suspect had a felony conviction for speeding to elude, a drug paraphernalia conviction, and various misdemeanor drunk driving convictions. He was ultimately convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter.
Victim – The victim had no apparent criminal record
Method – Beating
30 June
Suspect – Has a previous felony conviction for drugs
Victim – Felony convictions for possession of stolen goods, and then for having drugs in the county jail.
Method – knife
17 July
Suspect  – the one charged with murder, had a previous felony conviction for speeding to elude, and had quite a few misdemeanor convictions for various drug and resisting arrest type of crimes
Victim – Had a felony conviction for assault inflicting serious bodily injury.
Method – gun
19 July
Victim – I was unable to find a criminal record for this victim.
Suspect 1 – I was unable to find any criminal convictions for this suspect, but the story makes clear that he was arrested numerous times before.
Either this suspect was not convicted of anything, including this crime, or the name is spelled incorrectly in the story and that’s why I was unable to find him.
UPDATE: Here’s his conviction record. It appears that he’s never been convicted of any other crimes but this one conviction of First Degree Murder. He received Life for this.
Suspect 2 – I could not find any record of this suspect, either for this crime or any other.
Suspect 3 – Had no criminal record in North Carolina. Was convicted of manslaughter in this crime.
Suspect 4 – Had no criminal record in North Carolina. Was convicted of manslaughter in this crime.
Method – Beating
3 August –  
Suspect – No one has been arrested for this crime. Police are still looking for a suspect.
Victim – The murder victim had a prior misdemeanor conviction for drug paraphernalia
The injured victim had felony criminal convictions for larceny and breaking & entering.
Method – Gun
9 August
Victim – The victim had no criminal record.
Suspect – The suspect had no criminal record, nor did he have a concealed handgun permit.
Method – Gun
29 October
Victim – The victim had several felony drug convictions along with two assault on a female convictions. He had been convicted of possession with intent to sell, schedule II, 6 months prior, but received a suspended sentence. Perhaps if he had gone to jail he wouldn’t have been murdered.
Suspect – The suspect had quite a few felony drug convictions.
Method – Undisclosed
12 November
Victim – The victim had no apparent criminal record
Suspect – The suspect had a felony conviction for Cheat – Property/Services, and one for obtaining property with false coins or tokens. She also had misdemeanor convictions for receiving stolen goods, and several for driving with a revoked driver’s license.
Method – Knife
Conclusions – So there it is. This is the best case information for the gun grabbers. There are likely one or two suspects or victims that had criminal records that I was unable to find, but you can see for yourself that the large majority of the killings were committed by criminals, and the majority of victims were themselves criminals.
Keep this in mind when the gun grabbers insult us as being one step away from murder. They point to the number of the dead, but never to the circumstances that lead to the deaths. The absolutely NEVER refer to the past criminal behavior of the vast majority of the killers. To recognize that murder and non-negligent homicide is the province of the criminal class is to recognize that gun control is not the solution. To control crime, we must control the criminals. Controlling the guns merely disarms the honest, those most unlikely to murder.



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Who gets murdered, who does the killing?

I stopped in at the Raleigh Police Department and spoke with a very nice lady in their Public Information office on Thursday. When I inquired about the total number of murders and non-negligent homicides in Raleigh in 2010 and 2011, Ms. Hourigan was kind enough to go through all of the press releases for 2010 and send them to me. I thought I would share a few conclusions with you.
First, some background. North Carolina’s Department of Corrections maintains an “Offender Lookup” feature on their website. By using this feature, you can type in the names of the people on these press releases and compare the dead and the arrested suspects against the list of people convicted of a crime in North Carolina. This DOC database is not perfect. Due to variations in spelling, you will sometimes not find someone who is actually there. This means that it is possible that some of the people I thought had no criminal record actually do have a criminal record.
The reported figure for murder and non-negligent homicide in Raleigh in 2010 is 14. I have the press releases for 13. I have asked Ms. Hourigan to check and see if she has the last one. I have not yet gone to the courthouse to ask for the arrest records and other criminal info, but here is my preliminary info.
Total victims – 13
Victims with no apparent criminal conviction – 6 (46%)
Victims with a misdemeanor criminal conviction – 1 (8%)
Victims with a felony criminal conviction – 6 (46%)
Conclusion – In 2010, more than half of all people murdered had criminal convictions, almost all of which were felony convictions.
Total Suspects – This is slightly more complicated. In one case there are no suspects. In 11 cases, there was only one suspect in the killing. And in 1 case there were multiple suspects. In that case, it was a group beatdown, and of the 4 suspects, I could only find two, who were both convicted. I suspect that at least one of the other two is in the database, but I couldn’t find either of them. Neither of the other two had a criminal conviction prior to the killing.
Total incidents – 12 (excluding the one that has no suspects)
Total incidents where no suspect had a criminal conviction – 3 (comprising 6 suspects) (25%)
Incidents where a suspect had a misdemeanor criminal conviction – 1 (8.3%)
Incidents where a suspect had a felony conviction – 8 (67%)
Conclusion – in 2010, 75% of all murder and non-negligent homicides were committed by a person or persons with a prior criminal conviction, two-thirds with prior felony convictions
Since so many of the gun grabbers are concerned only with “Gun Deaths™” here’s the statistics for just the killings with a gun.
Total gun killings – 7
Victims in gun killings with a criminal conviction – 5 (4 felonies, 1 misdemeanor) 71%
Suspects in gun killings with a criminal conviction – 4 (4 felonies) 57% One firearm killing has no suspects
Conclusion – in 2010, almost 3/4ths of all firearm related murders and non-negligent homicides were committed against and committed by persons with prior criminal records.
So it’s all just as I have said in the past. For the most part, murder is not a crime that people start with. No matter what the gun grabbers tell you, ordinary decent citizens do not suddenly wake up one day and decide to kill someone. Ordinary decent citizens don’t suddenly lose their cool and murder someone.
Leopards don’t change their spots. Criminals keep acting like criminals, honest citizens keep acting like honest citizens.
I will write another post detailing each murder/non-negligent homicide so you can look at all the info yourself. That’s another thing that is different between us and the gun grabbers. We’ll link to the actual info and let you draw your own conclusions. When you traffic in the truth, you don’t have to hide anything.
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The Town (My The Town) Police nab a criminal

Here’s one close to home. The Garner PD caught themselves a chicken restaurant thief.
And who is our criminal mastermind? That daring thief who is so stupid that he carries the evidence of his crime around in the car, waiting for a cop to act suspiciously in front of?
This guy’s got more convictions than I have socks. In fact, good police procedure would be to simply follow this guy around and wait until he inevitably broke the law. When they used to say “round up the usual suspects” they were talking about this guy.
He’s a one man crime wave. Perhaps another 20 years in jail? The 15 or so he’s already spent there don’t seem to have taught him a lesson.

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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Is That a Real Gun? edition

In a country where even BB guns are tightly controlled items, you would think that gun crime would be minimal.
It turns out that this was a BB gun, but do you blame the victims for treating it like it was a real gun? Even 17 year old girls in (Formerly Great) Britain know that gun control has failed. They know that guns are so common that it is perfectly likely that the thing stuck in your face is likely to be a real gun, so best not to argue about it.
When even the children of a country aren’t stupid enough to trust their lives to the government’s ability to ban an item, you know that gun control is a joke.

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It’s the same old song

Guy gets shot in the head.
They arrest a suspect
Why? No one knows, but they do know something about the victim
Though he was never convicted of a drug offense
People who kill are very likely to be criminals before they kill. Their victims also tend to be criminals. That’s because most normal people don’t settle their differences by murder.

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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Double Shooting Inquiry edition

They aren’t sure that they are connected, but they might be.
They are concerned that the two shootings might be connected, since there have only been 4 murders with a gun in the last 2 years in Scotland.
I am sure that is of great comfort to the dead people.
Oh, so it isn’t that they aren’t trying to kill anyone, it’s just that they are terrible shots.
In the end, dead is dead. It doesn’t matter to anyone whether dead by gun or by knife. What does matter is that by disarming to honest citizens, you leave them unable to defend themselves against those who would do them harm. Obviously disarming the good people doesn’t stop the bad ones from committing murder, with a gun or without.
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So was it a totally random shooting?

I am sure he was minding his own business, rights?
Who gets shot most often?
It’s amazing how often both the perpetrators and victims are members of the criminal class.

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