You know, you can’t hunt with an AR

Frequently people get confused and make some stupid statement that leads you to believe that they thing guns are just for hunting. You know the type, the ones that say “I support the Second Amendment but….” They think you should be happy with a wood stocked bolt action rifle, because you can’t hunt with an AR-15.
For the perfect answer to this inane belief, go here and look at the photo.
How cool would it be for every gun owner to send this photo on a postcard to their “favorite” anti-gun politician? Can you just picture Carolyn McCarthy as the Wicked Witch of New York seeing it and screaming “I’m Melting!”  You could have a lot of fun asking her which part of this AR is “the shoulder thing that goes up.”

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One response to “You know, you can’t hunt with an AR

  1. Sporting purposes, bah. US v. Miller was all about whether a sawed off shotgun was suitable for MILITARY use, not sporting purposes.