Back from the gunsmith

Sometimes I hatses the interwebs. I watched a video that told me that I was capable of installing a Volquartsen trigger on my sweet new Ruger 22/45 pistol. I was promised the moon and the stars, a fantastic trigger pull and no more ignorant magazine drop safety.
Yeah, about that install…
Just in case you were not aware of this already, the internet lies. Unless you are already familiar with how to disassemble the trigger group on a Ruger 22/45, don’t even attempt to install the new trigger yourself. I thought to myself, “hey, I installed the trigger, firing pin, extractor, extended mag release, bolt release, and buffer on my Appleseed 10/22 rifle, how hard can the 22/45 be?”
Disassembly was easy. Disassembly is always easy. Instead of having a sweet trigger on my sweet little pistol, I had two bags of small parts and a gun shaped sculpture. Luckily, my gunsmith was up for the challenge.
Here’s the pistol all put back together.

I picked it up yesterday and took it straight to the range. It was already more accurate than me, now it’s massively more accurate than me. I have no further excuses, and simply must practice harder. 
Here’s a photo of the trigger itself.

You would think that the Allen screw poking out of the trigger would be a problem, but you really don’t notice it that much. The trigger is very light, crisp, and SUDDEN. You should have seen the gunsmith grinning when he tested it in front of me. I got the impression that he didn’t want to give it back.

This will be my training gun. Ammo’s cheap, it’s brutally accurate, and not in the least bit intimidating to shoot. Not only will I be doing most of my pistol practice with this, I will use it to teach others to shoot. I have a couple of friends who want to make their first range trip, and this gun will be the first gun they shoot.
 Readers who want to give it a try should let me know. I shoot at PDHSC in Raleigh. We could meet up and shoot together. I generally shoot on weekdays, before the dinner rush.

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3 responses to “Back from the gunsmith

  1. The Ruger Mark III and its variants are all notoriously difficult to reassemble.

  2. Yeah, that’s even worse than putting it all back together and having one piece leftover.

  3. That’s on my list of things to do to mine, and you’ve saved me the trouble, I’m just taking it straight to the smith 🙂