How stupid are anti-gun people?

Often we point out how little anti-gunners know about guns. We love to mock Carolyn McCarthy for her “shoulder thing that goes up” statement. The fact is, anti-gunners know little or nothing about guns. Would you let a person who knew nothing about medicine to regulate doctors? Or drugs?
Via Days of Our Trailers, we have this gem of an anti-gun comment on japete’s blog. You know, the blog that’s long on “woe is me” and short on any actual observable facts.
Bear in mind that this is her third comment on a very short comment thread, and the one immediately previous referred to gun owners as “gunloonz.” Apparently she is a follower of (or a sock puppet of) one of the most vile anti-gun trolls on the internet, JadeGold.
Let’s crunch the numbers.
Here’s her mythical “Cop Killer” gun
2800 Miles per hour is 4,107 feet per second
150 grams is 2,315 grains
The bullet from a Vulcan 20mm rotary cannon 1,030 meters per second and 102 grams, or
3,379 Feet Per Second and 1,574 grains
The bullet from my .243 Winchester rifle
3,000 feet per second and 105 grains
The bullet from my .45 ACP
850 feet per second and 230 grains
Perhaps this chart can put it into perspective for you.

The chart on the left shows the velocities and bullet weights of the different guns. The chart on the right is the muzzle energy of each gun in foot pounds.
I’ll make you a deal, honey. If I ever get a gun that shoots a 150 gram bullet at 2,800 Miles Per Hour and has nearly 87,000 Foot Pounds of muzzle energy, I’ll register it. Until then, leave the gun regulations to people who know what the hell they are talking about.
UPDATE: In comments, Joat suggests that we compare this mythical “cop killer” gun to an automobile. Let us imagine that japete drives a Prius. I am sure that the thought of her driving an eco-hairshirt doesn’t tax anyone’s imagination. Now let us imagine that she drives it down the road at 60 MPH.
No wonder we have to register cars. They are incredibly powerful machines. Far more powerful than my puny .45ACP!

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13 responses to “How stupid are anti-gun people?

  1. And that is the scariest part of all of this… Joan feels eminently qualified and capable of making broad-reaching policy changes that will detrimentally impact millions of law-abiding American citizens, and yet it is repeatedly, absolutely clear that she does not have the slightest clue what she is talking about.

    That woman is a hazard to herself and others.

  2. But this is the magical COP KILLER bullet that defies all laws of physics, time and space! {/sarc}

  3. The graphs cracked me up!

    Also troll, sock-puppet or legit, Joan (who’s a professional lobbyist for the the Joyce Foundation and Brady Campaign, and advocates for “Common Sense” gun laws) saw nothing wrong with it.

    Meanwhile give yourself a nice kitchen burn and try to rub butter on it (per the old wives tale) in front of a Registered Nurse.

    They’ll tell you you’re doing more harm than good, and get you to put it under cold water.

    Seems some professions require a little knowledge on the subject…and others don’t.

  4. It’s amazing she’d publish the outrageous claims, defend the claims, then adopt the language (“minutia”) of commenter Sandy Vagina – oops, Sandra Fechina.

  5. You need to put the energy of a typical car on the graph also. I’m betting a 318 Dakota is more energy than here cop killer.

    Also I bet she knows about as much about medicine and drugs, but she will makes laws just as stupid concerning them also.

  6. @Joat: I couldn’t imagine japete driving a 318 Dakota, so I put her in a Toyota Prius at 60 miles per hour. You can check out the resulting graph.

    I expect that CSGV will be putting her on their “insurrectionist timeline” soon. No one needs a car that powerful!

  7. Graphs are fun!

    Especially when you can use them to show the absurdity of a misunderstanding. (Grams are not grains, and ft/sec are different from mi/hr.)

    But the car @60mi/hr is a real killer. Don’t know why people can get them without background checks…

  8. @karrde: I think we should ban them! No one needs a car that powerful!

  9. Would you let a person who knew nothing about medicine to regulate doctors? Or drugs?

    Well, that is more or less what we do–whatever authority bureaus or agencies have ultimately does come from our legislatures.

  10. In further comments, same poster referred to muzzle speed in watts. wtf?

  11. Forget the Vulcan. What about the GAU-8 on the W-A10 Warthog? That got enough energy to match the “Cop Killer”? The damn thing is bigger than a full sized truck.

  12. Errmmmm … if we treated guns like cars, a 15 year old kid could buy a belt-fed MG on, have it delivered to his parent’s house via a private shipper, and shoot it all day on his parent’s back 40 without ever getting one scrap of government ID.

    If he wanted to take his machinegun off his parents property, he would need to get a lisence plate to put on it, and get a learner’s permit to carry that MG in public.

    But as long as he stays on private property with it, he needn’t bother.

  13. Wonderful post, great graphs. My first thought was that if you handed me that mythical gun at the range, I would pass on pulling the trigger. I’m not too recoil sensitive, but a man’s got to know his limitations.