Silencers in North Carolina

Yesterday I had a really nice conversation with a guy in Charlotte that sells silencers.
He had been researching info on how HB650 affects us as gun owners in NC and ended up on my “HB650 What does it do?” page. Since he saw that I am interested in a Kriss SBR and a silencer to go with it, he emailed me and we ended up having a phone conversation that lasted about an hour.
Unfortunately I will not be able to buy a Kriss from him right now, but it was nice to know that there was someone that specializes in silencers here in North Carolina. Give his web page a look and if you need more info, email him. And if you are going to the Charlotte gun show this weekend, look for him. Tell him that Sean, from NC Gunblog says hi. You can also tell him that when I can scrape enough money together for a silencer, I’ll know who to call.

FTC Notice: I have not received anything from Eric of NC Silencers, nor has he promised me anything in the future. I just thought he was a nice guy when I talked to him and thought my readers would like to know about him. In the meantime, feel free to pucker up and kiss my backside. Nosy government agencies piss me off.

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One response to “Silencers in North Carolina

  1. Well no matter the availability of the Kriss, you might want to see if you can get a .45 Can that will work on both the Kriss and your XD.

    (Which may not be possible given the need for muzzle boosters and all)