The next TigerSwan class

I’ve had a few discussions and it looks like April 28th is the best date to hold the next Intro to Pistol class at TigerSwan. 10 of us took the class in October and we were very happy with it. So happy that several of the students have been telling me to run another class.
TigerSwan is owned and operated by former members of Delta Force. More than that, they select their instructors not only for their ability to shoot, but also for their ability to TEACH shooting. Shooting is pretty easy. Shooting well isn’t very hard. Teaching how to shoot is a very difficult skill. These guys have it. Here’s a page with links to all the other bloggers who attended. Read what they had to say about their class.
The class is a one day, 8 hour, 500 round introductory pistol class. It is suitable for rank beginners, but even skilled shooters will learn something. If you can tell the difference between the holding end and the flaming death end of a pistol, these guys will have you shooting well by the end of the day. If you have any questions about your ability to complete this class, email me and we’ll talk.
Some of you might be thinking, “Sean, I don’t even have a pistol.” No problem. TigerSwan will loan you one of their Glock 17s and all the things necessary to complete the course. They charge an extra $130, mostly to cover the costs of the 500 rounds of 9mm ammo you will be using. That’s a steal.
We have a absolute limit of 15 people for this class, so sign up early. Email me with any questions you have.
Class Only – $210
Class, plus loaner pistol, magazines, holster, mag carriers, eye and ear protection, and 500 rounds of ammo, – $340
You have three options for payment.
1.       Send me a check or money order by mail. Email me for my postal address.
2.       Pay TigerSwan directly. Make sure you tell me that you are doing this so I can warn the TigerSwan people. If they get random money in the mail, they will not add you to the class.
3.       Pay via PayPal email me for directions. I have to charge $5 extra for PayPal to cover PayPal fees.
I look forward to seeing you at the class.

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