It’s come to this

Roxane Kolar is the Executive Director of North Carolinians against Gun Violence (NCGV). NCGV was unsuccessful in lobbying against HB650 to the point that they actually decided not to oppose it. Think about that for a second, the State level anti-gun organization lost so badly that they ultimately decided to “Focus on other bills.”
Now that HB650 is in effect, she’s and her ineffective organization are trying to look successful by pointing to the cities and towns that have followed the law and banned guns on playgrounds. How sad is that? Their version of victory is that most localities have retained gun bans on every place that they were legally allowed to retain them. I wonder what they think of places like Wake Forest and Gaston County who have not banned guns on playgrounds.
So how far has NCGV fallen? Listen to this interview. (10 minutes) Roxane is reduced to giving interviews to the extreme leftist NC Policy Watch, because no one else will give her the time of day. The guy who is “interviewing” her is the douche who wrote the Op-Ed in the Southern Pines newspaper I mocked earlier. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

We could point and laugh, but remember that Roxane is getting paid over $40,000 a year to fail this badly. When’s the last time any of us got paid? My guess is that if the other side didn’t get paid, they wouldn’t have anyone at all.
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One response to “It’s come to this

  1. I just rolled my eyes when Chris Fitzsimmons introduced Kolar saying the General Assembly “weakened gun safety laws.”