Chris Fitzsimon is soooooo scared!

Listen to how scared he is that he that you might shoot him. Does he often argue over parking spaces? Does he encounter many reckless cyclists?
Whenever someone openly worries about being shot by the most law abiding people on the planet, I wonder what he plans on doing to deserve getting shot. Think about it. If you’re worried about shark attacks it implies that you are planning on getting into the water. If you’re worried about getting shot by a concealed carrier, doesn’t that pretty much admit that you are planning on violently attacking that permit holder?
You might wonder why the extreme Leftist NC Policy Watch cares about law abiding gun owners carrying guns. The reason you would wonder is because you don’t subscribe to the Leftist view of politics. For the Left, everything is connected. CSGV, the parent organization for NCGV, whose Executive Director was previously interviewed by Chris, has spent a lot of time and effort trying to explain why gun control is essential to Progressive politics.
One of the biggest markers for a “reactionary” worldview is the possession and carry of firearms for self defense. To the Left, the fact that you carry a gun is proof positive that you oppose them. They see you as a threat in two ways. First, the obvious way, is that if they ever seize power, you can shoot back. More importantly, however, is that by deciding to carry a gun, you have signaled your belief that you are responsible for your own safety. If a citizen insists that he has a right to be responsible for his own safety, who knows what other parts of his life he will insist on taking care of himself?
Leftists require you to be dependent upon the government, the government that they run. Any tin pot dipshit can wave a gun in the face of the masses and demand compliance. The problem is that in the long run, if not the short run, these dictatorships are unstable. If you piss enough people off, they will kill you. If your safety depends upon the good will of your guards, you will inevitably end up dead at the hands of a guard whose cousin’s sister’s best friend’s boyfriend was killed by the regime.
Far better to get the willing compliance of millions of people whose very existence depends upon government largesse. If you can train millions to believe that everything they want and need comes from the government, they will vote to keep you in power to make sure no one turns off that government spigot. People who carry guns have decided that the government cannot protect them. People who carry guns spread the infection of self-reliance to others who might otherwise decide to put their faith into big government solutions to everything from energy policy to street level policing.
In short, we gun owners are Kulaks, and people like Chris Fitzsimon would send us to Siberia if they could. Since they can’t manage Siberia, they can at least try to scare our fellow citizens into shunning us by making silly radio spots that no one other than their fellow travelers and us listen to.

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One response to “Chris Fitzsimon is soooooo scared!

  1. The anti-gun people claim we’re fearful and paranoid because THEY are fearful and paranoid and think they’re normal and well-adjusted people. They see we have something we can respond to adversity with, and assume that if we react we’ll be as irrational as they are.

    Also remember they HATE us, for what we stand for, and how we live our lives. They desperately strive to make us into convenient monsters so EVERYBODY will hate us too.

    They aren’t very convincing.