I love my Volquartsen trigger

I went to Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center (PDHSC aka “the range”) today with the intention of zeroing my 22/45 pistol

I took it to the range once already, on the day I picked it up from the gunsmith, but I forgot to bring my screwdriver so that I could zero it. Today I brought the screwdriver and dialed the adjustable sight in.
This is 5 rounds at 5 yards. This is the distance I would put the target if I was teaching a new person to shoot.

And this is 10 rounds at 20 yards, the maximum distance you can get at this particular range.

I think that is acceptable accuracy.

I really like my Volquartsen trigger.
Technical details. This is a Mark III Ruger 22/45. The trigger is a Volquartsen Mark II trigger. This eliminates the magazine (un)safety. The ammo was CCI Blazer ammo I got for $18 for 500 rounds.

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2 responses to “I love my Volquartsen trigger

  1. “I think that is acceptable accuracy.”

    Understatement of the decade!

    BTW is that off a rest or free-standing?

  2. This was standing, two handed, using all the techniques I learned from the TigerSwan guys. I didn’t rapid fire, but I didn’t take more than 30-45 seconds to shoot this.