I need a new front sight

All right all you technical guys. I need a new front sight for this gun.
The problem with this gun is that it is a target pistol, and is set up from the factory for a “6 o’clock hold”
This would be great if I was planning on shooting bullseye with this pistol, but I am not. In order to make the bullet impact close to where I am aiming, I had to dial in 16 clicks down on the rear sight. This buried the rear sight, and still didn’t get me all the way on target. You can see that I did shoot reasonably close to the target, but I was still aiming a bit low to get this
What I need is a taller front sight. Does anyone know where to get a slightly taller front sight for a Ruger 22/45 Mark III (P512MKIII)?

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7 responses to “I need a new front sight

  1. You could either file your current fs down to raise poi to poa , or you might try replacement with a short front sight . Tactical solutions has both the light pipe and black sights http://www.tacticalsol.com/tshome/category/ts-sights as an example . Or hit midway or brownells for a shorter sight .

  2. @Farm.Dad: a shorter front sight would make the problem worse. I need the bullets to impact lower, so I need taller front sight

  3. Until you can figure something out-

    Glue a (wooden) kitchen match to the FS and sand as needed.
    A little touch up with black Testors paint, and it might even look not totally crappy.

  4. Looks like the page Farm.Dad linked to also has “high” front sights. I can’t tell if they are taller than the standard Ruger Mk I/II/III front sight or not.

  5. @Jake: You are right, it does! I called Tactical Solutions up and they said that their high sight would work. I’ve ordered one. I’ll let you all know how it works out.

  6. @ Sean: Please do! I need to get a fiberoptic front sight for my Mk III, and if those fit it the price seems right. I probably would need the regular one, though – I like how mine is sighted in right now, I just have a hard time distinguishing the front sight against a black target.

  7. @Jake: I got the sight today and installed it. It was exactly the same height as the sight that I already had. The pistol shot the exact same place it did before.

    I ended up cranking the back sight down 8 clicks and shooting a 6 o’clock hold. It’s extremely accurate, just not what I want.

    I still need a taller front sight.