Public Service News lies for NCGV

I don’t normally go in for full fleged Fisking, but I have to make an exception for this article at Public News Service (News in the Public Interest)
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Guns are now permitted by law at North Carolina parks, playgrounds and other public places, unless cities pass their own, more restrictive laws, and at least 19 municipalities have chosen to do so. The new state law that went into effect December 1 allows people with proper permits to carry certain types of concealed weapons at public parks and highway rest stops, and on waterways.
This is, in the strictest sense, true. It is an example of framing the issue to make yourself look like the underdog. If they pretend that the heroic forces of progressive modernity are laboring against the clock to prevent guns in parks, they might get you to forget that they are working tirelessly to deprive you of your Constitutional rights. Also it was always legal to carry a concealed handgun with a permit at highway rest stops. They merely changed what section of the law it was listed under.
Even those cities that already had stricter gun laws must now pass new ordinances if they want to circumvent the new state law.
Once can hardly call it “circumventing” the law if these localities are writing the law to comply with the powers delegated to them by the State. Again, it’s framing the issue to make oneself look like the underdog.
Winston-Salem did just that, in November. Tim Grant heads up the Recreation and Parks Department there, and he says city lawmakers took quick action.

“Any time you have athletic activities or competition, where you could possibly have emotions, I think it’s a bad mixture when you allow concealed weapons.”

Does Tim Grant have any evidence that NC Concealed Handgun Permit holders have engaged in a pattern of emotional and dangerous behavior? Or does this scenario of CHP holders shooting the Ref over a bad call exist only in his head? I think we both know the answer.
Grant also points out the additional cost to local governments for purchasing signs for their parks to notify people of their ordinance. He says Winston-Salem has paid $8,000 for its new signage. Chapel Hill, Cary and Raleigh have all passed similar laws.
So in this era of extremely tight budgets, Winston-Salem spent $8,000 to put up signs that will not stop any crimes rather than do something useful? Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Roxane Kolar, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, questions the change in state law, and also has concerns about who is obtaining these gun permits.

“Why? There actually isn’t a huge crime spree happening in our area parks or playgrounds. We think that before we’re even going to discuss guns in more public areas, we need to look at our permitting system.”

So, there’s no crime spree in NC Parks, so she says that you and I should not be permitted to carry there? Tell that to the lady who almost got her child snatched in a Charlotte area park.
The new state law also weakens the permitting system, according to Kolar. It reduces a sheriff’s department’s ability to use mental health records when reviewing permit applications,
This is a bald faced lie. The section of the law says that the mental health records that the Sheriff receives may only be used to determine the person’s fitness for a CHP and cannot be retained or used in any other manner. No one who had actually read HB650 could come to any other honest conclusion. That tells me that Roxane is lying directly.
and also gives a department only half as much time to review the applications: 45 days, down from 90 days.

Because we all know that the Sheriff actually needs that extra 45 days to… to do what, exactly? I applied for a CHP on 4 March 2011. I received it on 18 May 2011. It was issued on 22 April 2011. So apparently, it sat in the Sheriff’s office for damn near a month before they mailed it out. It takes very little time for a CHP background check to be completed. All they have to do is do a NICS query, look in the State Police database, and send your name to the same mental hospitals they send everyone else’s name to. If the Sheriff hasn’t set up an email or fax method of sending out the names to the mental wards in a batch every day then he needs better permit clerks. Even considering human laziness, it should take no more than a week to get an answer from the loony bins. 45 days is more than generous. 90 days is excessive.
Supporters of the law say people have the right to carry a properly-permitted weapon, but Kolar fears some cities aren’t aware of how the new state law affects their current ordinances.
She doesn’t fear, she knows damn well that most localities haven’t paid attention. She knows that any localities that don’t jump on this right now are likely to decide that since nothing has happened, nothing will happen. Roxane Kolar needs to make sure that every locality in the State gets a good old fashioned dose of fear to make them jump in the direction she wants. She knows that if they don’t react now, out of blind panic, they will learn what everyone else has learned. CHP holders aren’t the threat. Except to the professional “Progressive” Left.
Stephanie Carroll Carson, Public News Service – NC
Here’s a little blurb from the “About Us” page of the “Public News Service”
They are all one big group. The Left is not a group of individuals working toward a common goal. They are a closed group of professionals, each working their own part of the whole, supporting all the other parts. You don’t think that Roxane gets paid $40,000 a year as Executive Director of NCGV because there are that many private citizens giving her donations, do you?

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5 responses to “Public Service News lies for NCGV

  1. My application was made 2/3/11, the permit was issued 2/20/11 and I got the call to come and pick it up on 2/24/11. A bit over three weeks all together, and that was in little old Franklin County, so three months is excessive.

  2. Have you heard anything about delays in Cumberland county? I’m thinking about a suppressor too. Thanks.

  3. @mikelaforge: No, I don’t have any info on delays. I suspect that each county is different. I suspect that some counties are handling things quickly, and some drag their feet.

    As for suppressors, I have no info on which Sheriffs will sign the NFA paperwork and which won’t, though a friend was told point blank that the Wake Sheriff won’t sign. I think you are better off with a Trust instead. New law included in HB650 makes it explicitly clear that a Trust is legal in NC for NFA ownership.

  4. Did you send your fisking to the article author? It would be interesting to hear their response.

  5. @Anon: No. It seemed not to be worth it.

    I found this story because it showed up on NCGV’s Twitter feed. I made sure that my response went back the same way. NCGV knows about it, even if their pet “journalist” doesn’t.