Another “But” head

We all know the type. I’m a gun owner but…. Here’s another one.
He’s right. If you don’t bother to look at any of the facts, it is not hard to conclude that guns cause more problems than they solve. However, if you are even passably aquainted with the facts, the conclusion falls apart.
And I can’t take academics seriously who want to disarm me because they think it will make them safer.
He’s just another totalitarian, trying to control my life because he can’t control the criminals.

UPDATE: I didn’t make much of it when I wrote this post, but the column author’s son committed suicide. The professor talks about it in the column, in passing. He does say that the son didn’t use a gun to commit suicide, but he did use a gun earlier in his life.
There’s this family biography

So we have a drug user, and a convicted felon who committed suicide without a gun, but we need to ban guns to prevent suicide.
Maybe the good professor should have spent more time worrying about his son and less time worrying about my gun.


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8 responses to “Another “But” head

  1. You left out the part about how his own child committed suicide without a gun, therefore we need to restrict guns to prevent suicides.

  2. You know what strikes me? I don’t carry this thing to make YOU safer, I carry it to make ME safer. This isn’t an ‘us all’ situation, its about ME and MY loved ones. That’s called Freedom.

  3. @MAgunowner: according to this

    “Charlie struggled to regain his footing, which he lost to drug addiction and depression.”

    So even the suicides are drug related.

  4. As an academic, he should know that it doesn’t matter what he believes, what matters is what the data shows. And the data shows that guns do make society safer.

  5. I have updated the post to reflect the new info I found about the son being a convicted felon and a drug user.

    @George: He’s not an “Academic.” He’s a professor of Journalism, which amounts to being a professional propaganda instructor

  6. He uses Hemenway as a source, ’nuff said.

  7. You’d think a journalism professor would be better about not randomly changing topics within a paragraph:

    “The mixture of guns and suicides is a complicated one, and of course there are no facile answers. I worry that guns make acting without much thought easy, quick and deadly. Someone impulsively wielding a knife or a baseball bat could do some serious damage, but the odds of a bad outcome are a lot higher when it is easy to just point and pull the trigger.”

    He leads off with suicide, and then switches to knives and bats. Is there a rash of people attempting to bludgeon themselves to death that I haven’t heard about?