Gun Control is dead, Sebastian dances on its grave

We all know that it’s tough to ban an item even when it has to be imported. If anyone with a bit of skill can make it himself out of commonly available parts, banning it would be impossible.

That video is merely the victory lap. The dancing on the grave of gun control, if you will. Here’s how they did it.
The finished project, above, works as advertised.
Send this video to every anti-gun person you know. Ask them how the plan on banning something that any competent machinist can make using commonly available CAD drawings.
The genie is out of the bottle. You can’t stuff it back in.
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2 responses to “Gun Control is dead, Sebastian dances on its grave

  1. All due respect to @SebastianSH, but many have been C/NC or hand milling ARs, bending thousands of non-#d AKs at home for years. Can’t undo knowledge.

  2. @Brandon: I would really like to set up a AK build party. I think it would be cool to make a couple of these as a group project. Thanks for the info.