All the murders in Raleigh, 2010 edition

In a followup post, here are all the murders/non-negligent homicides that happened in Raleigh, NC during 2010. The reported number was 14, but I only have data on 13. I am hoping to receive the last one next week. If I do, this post will be updated.
The format will be simple. I have a policy of not naming either criminals or known criminal victims on my blog. This prevents criminals or their friends from Google searching their own name and finding me. I will post the date, a bit of a story in a local newspaper or TV station, the suspect’s Department of Corrections records, and if available, the victim’s.
15 February
(Suspect), 29, was taken to the Wake County jail. (Suspect) is accused of shooting (Victim), 23, who was taken to WakeMed and later died, according to Raleigh police.
Suspect – Suspect had no prior criminal convictions (UPDATE: Here’s his conviction record. You can see that they have no previous convictions for him)
Victim had no apparent criminal convictions
Method – Gun
6 March
Suspect – The DOC shows a felony conviction, but the charge is listed as a misdemeanor. The newspaper has this to say about him.
The victim, of course, was a member of the State Board of Education and had no prior criminal convictions.
Method – The police stated that Ms. Taft was killed by blunt force trauma to the head.
14 March
This is a strange one. In this case, the suspect and victim were friends, and were thrown out of the nightclub. When one shot at the bouncer, he shot back, killing the other. In this case, it appears to be a case a lawful self defense. Like in any crime, if someone is killed, the perpetrators are charged with the murder.
Suspect – The DOC does not show a felony criminal conviction, but the suspect was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, so draw your own conclusion.
Victim – The victim had a felony conviction for Assault With a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury plus a few misdemeanor convictions.
Method – Gun
17 April
Suspect – while only 17 at the time, the suspect had already been convicted of felony drug possession just  4 days prior to the murder. He received probation, but that was revoked. He was also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.
Victim – the victim had several felony convictions for breaking and entering and possessing stolen goods, along with a speeding to elude conviction.
Method – gun
9 May
Although 5 people were arrested for the murder, only one person was convicted of the killing. The others were convicted of Robbery with a dangerous weapon.
Suspect – The killer had previous felony convictions for breaking and entering and robbery.
Victim – The victim had a whole string of convictions, the most serious for drugs and receiving stolen vehicles
Method – Gun
16 June
Suspect – The suspect had a felony conviction for speeding to elude, a drug paraphernalia conviction, and various misdemeanor drunk driving convictions. He was ultimately convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter.
Victim – The victim had no apparent criminal record
Method – Beating
30 June
Suspect – Has a previous felony conviction for drugs
Victim – Felony convictions for possession of stolen goods, and then for having drugs in the county jail.
Method – knife
17 July
Suspect  – the one charged with murder, had a previous felony conviction for speeding to elude, and had quite a few misdemeanor convictions for various drug and resisting arrest type of crimes
Victim – Had a felony conviction for assault inflicting serious bodily injury.
Method – gun
19 July
Victim – I was unable to find a criminal record for this victim.
Suspect 1 – I was unable to find any criminal convictions for this suspect, but the story makes clear that he was arrested numerous times before.
Either this suspect was not convicted of anything, including this crime, or the name is spelled incorrectly in the story and that’s why I was unable to find him.
UPDATE: Here’s his conviction record. It appears that he’s never been convicted of any other crimes but this one conviction of First Degree Murder. He received Life for this.
Suspect 2 – I could not find any record of this suspect, either for this crime or any other.
Suspect 3 – Had no criminal record in North Carolina. Was convicted of manslaughter in this crime.
Suspect 4 – Had no criminal record in North Carolina. Was convicted of manslaughter in this crime.
Method – Beating
3 August –  
Suspect – No one has been arrested for this crime. Police are still looking for a suspect.
Victim – The murder victim had a prior misdemeanor conviction for drug paraphernalia
The injured victim had felony criminal convictions for larceny and breaking & entering.
Method – Gun
9 August
Victim – The victim had no criminal record.
Suspect – The suspect had no criminal record, nor did he have a concealed handgun permit.
Method – Gun
29 October
Victim – The victim had several felony drug convictions along with two assault on a female convictions. He had been convicted of possession with intent to sell, schedule II, 6 months prior, but received a suspended sentence. Perhaps if he had gone to jail he wouldn’t have been murdered.
Suspect – The suspect had quite a few felony drug convictions.
Method – Undisclosed
12 November
Victim – The victim had no apparent criminal record
Suspect – The suspect had a felony conviction for Cheat – Property/Services, and one for obtaining property with false coins or tokens. She also had misdemeanor convictions for receiving stolen goods, and several for driving with a revoked driver’s license.
Method – Knife
Conclusions – So there it is. This is the best case information for the gun grabbers. There are likely one or two suspects or victims that had criminal records that I was unable to find, but you can see for yourself that the large majority of the killings were committed by criminals, and the majority of victims were themselves criminals.
Keep this in mind when the gun grabbers insult us as being one step away from murder. They point to the number of the dead, but never to the circumstances that lead to the deaths. The absolutely NEVER refer to the past criminal behavior of the vast majority of the killers. To recognize that murder and non-negligent homicide is the province of the criminal class is to recognize that gun control is not the solution. To control crime, we must control the criminals. Controlling the guns merely disarms the honest, those most unlikely to murder.



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