Blogmeet after action report

Friday I was invited by ASM826 of the blog “Random Acts of Patriotism” to his blogmeet and shoot near Greenville, NC. Along with ASM and me, Borepatch showed up and Knightbane showed up. We had various friends along.
The rifle I am holding is a full auto short barreled rifle chambered in .50 Beowulf. Here’s an action shot of me shooting it. I count 3 pieces of brass in the air, and one being ejected.
Let me assure you that the photo makes me look a whole lot more in control of the rifle than I felt.
Cartman looked worried in this photo. He had good reason.
Hopefully one of the other bloggers got a photo of Cartman after the shoot.
Thanks to ASM826 for coordinating this fantastic range trip/blogmeet.

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5 responses to “Blogmeet after action report

  1. Cartman?! Why not Kenny?!


    Sorry I missed the shooty goodness.

  2. I see you got ahold of the Templar 50 Beowulf. I’e had a chance to fire that on full-auto twice now, and it does want to get away from you, no matter how well you brace yourself.

    I’m glad you guys had fun, and if you do it again I hope to make the trip.

  3. @Bob: I like how Borepatch put it. Just the thing if you need to stop a rampaging dump truck.

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