How can you remove the barrel of a rifle and still retain your zero?

I’ve been telling people about Bob Reynolds of Templar, and his proprietary FastRail system for a while. I did a post on it showing how you could remove your AR-15 barrel clean the chamber, and replace the barrel in about 10 minutes total. My only concern has been, how well does it retain its zero?

At the Greenville blogmeet we finally got to run a test. This is the rifle we used, though we had a scope for the shooting test.
We put a target out at 200 yards and shot a three round group at it.

The odd bullet hole at the bottom was shot at a different point of aim than the three round group.
Then we removed the barrel, reinstalled it, and shot another three round group.
As you can see, the difference in point of impact is minimal.
I know it’s hard to judge scale on things like this, so here’s a photo that will make it pretty obvious how well the rifle retains its zero.
Not bad at all for 200 yards through a semi-auto fighting rifle.
Bob doesn’t sell his rails retail, so he is allowing me to be a dealer for him. You can get your own FastRail on my FastRail page.

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3 responses to “How can you remove the barrel of a rifle and still retain your zero?

  1. Very nice, and always nice to see a good guy back up what he says in print! 🙂 And good shooting too!

  2. @OldNFO: I should point out that it was Bob that did the shooting.

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